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What are the factors that consumers pay most attention to?

Recently, when we were taking stock of the noteworthy lighting brands, we launched a multi-vote poll that said, "you are more interested in the products of the lamps and lanterns". The results of the poll have been:
The results of the above vote are not comprehensive enough to illustrate the problem.
01. People just want to buy nice and durable lights
The results showed that when consumers bought lamps, they first valued quality and design, which accounted for 39% of the total.
The price factor is only 13%.

The other side also reflects the current weak item of most lamps and lanterns is the quality and design.

It is not difficult to understand that, during the double 11 period, the overseas shopping has been greatly enhanced, and the standard of living has been improved, and the people's pursuit of quality is far more than that of many traditional enterprises.
At this time, the only price war is to ignore the market demand, the opposite is the opposite.
02. What is the lighting brand, "I" is not familiar
Compared with the usual, the brand accounts for an important or even the primary factor in the purchase decision. The proportion of the lighting brand factor is only 11%, which is too low.
Can be seen, the lamp ACTS the role of the brand in the eyes of the general consumer still has not really formed brand influence.

Jinda, bahui and xili are all names in the industry, and they are still only industry brands compared with the likes of leishi and opp.
Of course, the brand is related to the industry characteristics in the terminal influence, after all, compared with consumer products such as mobile phones, the lighting purchase frequency is so low that the brand influence of the whole industry is limited.
On the other hand, for the large lighting enterprises, it is also a good opportunity, after all, the competition in the industry is still in the primary stage, and there are large opportunities to stand out.
03. Safety and material factors accounted for 10%
These two factors account for the consumer's importance to product safety, which is obviously stricter in developed countries.
It also reflects consumers' need for product texture and taste.

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