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Notice of installation of lamps and lanterns

1. The installation shall be operated by the electrician, and the electrician must be certified.
2. Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that all the wire boxes, switches and sockets are firmly installed and fixed.
3. It is forbidden to install heavy lamps and electric fans directly on the keel of the ceiling.
4. The model, rated voltage and rated power should be consistent with the design parameters;
5. Modern lamps and lanterns are modeled after ancient, innovative and practical three types. In any case, the modeling of these three types of lamps should be pursued in a serialized way in the overall selection.
6. The family that has a sitting room can use some fashionable lamps and lanterns in the sitting room, such as trident droplight, ornamental wall lamp, multi-section revolving floor lamp and so on.
The family that the housing is more intense should not suit the lamps and lanterns that is too fashionable, this can increase the crowd feeling, the room that is height below 2.8m also unfavorable to install droplight, appropriate chooses the ceiling lamp;
7. Colour should obey the color design of whole room, must pay attention to chimney, the color of shell and metope, furniture, the color of the curtain coordinate.

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